Around the age of 14 my father introduced me to backpacking. The first trip I went on was a 20 mile loop in Northern Michigan. We hiked for two days and slept one night. Ever since that first view I've been hooked. The Second backpacking trip I went on we travelled to Pictured Rocks in Michigan's Upper peninsula. We spent 3 days hiking and 4 nights camping where I got tons of pictures with my phone. The following year we backpacked in the Porcupine Mountains in Michigans Upper peninsula. That trip added another 4 days of hiking and 3 nights of camping, again I took many photos of the area with my phone. To top the cherry of the trip on our last day I encountered a wild bear. The most recent trip, we travelled to South Dakotas Bad Lands and Black Hills. I had finally bought a camera and it was time it took its first trip. We planned to spend 5 days hiking in the Black Hills however things took a major turn when we got just enough service on the first day to read the tornado waning for our area on our phones. We ended up staying in hotels for the remainder of the trip and doing day hikes around the area still allowing me to get great shots with my camera. I'm looking forward to exploring more areas and going to even more beautiful places to take photos.